"Sounds like Harry Nilsson stumbling out [of a punk bar] into the light of day, wondering just where the hell his life went so wrong." 
Willamette Week: Best New Band 2016 (#6) 

"Cathartic, life-affirming stuff, with Howard's possessed vocals and a smart, slightly off-kilter arrangement." 
Portland Mercury 

"A formidable superband ... count on soulful croons, a psychedelic fringe and undeniable coolness" 
Willamette Week 

"A sophisticated lyricist ... emerging fully formed in the mold of Harry Nilsson or even John Lennon." 
Portland Monthly 


"Howard ... wrangles with an almost paradoxical stoicism accompanied by bluesy vocals laid over an orchestrated backdrop." 
Noise & Color PDX 

"Appointment viewing for those in-the-know about Portland music." 
Banana Stand Media 

"One of Portland's most underrated songwriters."